IAOA is currently completing its relocation from Italy to Switzerland, which affects membership management. For this reason, links to the forms below are deactivated at this time.
If you wish to join IAOA (newly or anew), please send an email to info@iaoa.org in order to receive further instructions. If you were a member in 2016 or 2017, an email will be sent to the member's mailing list when we are ready to enroll members for 2018.

Membership (Membership is on a calendar year basis.)

Registration for year n+1 is available from December of year n.

To newly join the association, follow this link: Joining IAOA

Renewals for year n+1 are possible from December of year n. To avoid
interruption of access to the member's area and its benefits, please
renew before the end of January of year n+1.

For renewals, follow this link: IAOA Renewal
You will need your membership login ID and your password.

If you need to reset your password, follow this link:
Password Reset

Renewals can also be done using the
Utilities in the Member's area before your membership has expired.

Regular, Student, and Institutional membership options, cost, and required documents are detailed on the Membership Types and Fees page. Registration cost are relative to a country classification reflecting economic development, based mainly on the United Nations' "Human Development Index". Please check your country’s classification here (this criteria is relative to where you live and work, not nationality). If your country is not listed in the table, contact info@iaoa.org for the registration fee.


Members get reductions for IAOA events. Moreover, thanks to an agreement with IOS Press, membership benefits include free on-line access to (please note that access is granted exclusively through the
Member’s Area):

the Journal of Applied Ontology,

FOIS conference series,

FOMI conference series,

and the WoMO workshop series (2010/11).

Join the Association here: