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First 2017 Assembly and 2017 Events

The first 2017 IAOA Assembly is being held in April in order to discuss the 2016 Financial Statement and the 2017 Budget. Moreover, a ballot during April 13-19 is part of the Assembly and is legally required in order to approve the 2016 Financial Statement. Details can be found on the ballot wiki page and members find the corresponding announcement by the President via the membership mailing list [iaoa-member].
While membership management is still affected by completing the setup of IAOA in Switzerland, all 2016 memberships have been extended until May 31, 2017. This further determines the membership eligible to vote in the ballot - all members are cordially invited to cast their vote in the Member's Area!

IAOA co-organized events in 2017

  • IAOA Summer Institute, Toronto, Canada, Aug 8-11
  • JOWO - Joint Ontology Workshops, Bolzano, Italy, Sep 21-23
    including, among several others,
    • FOMI - Formal Ontology Meets Industry
    • ODLS - Ontologies and Data in Life Sciences
    • SHAPES 4.0 - The Shape of Things                              (etc.)

IAOA supported and/or sponsored events in 2017

  • Ontology Summit,  Theme: "AI, Learning, Reasoning, and Ontologies"
    virtual sessions on Wednesdays, Feb 22-May 10,  Symposium May 15-16
  • FOUST - The Foundational Stance, Bolzano, Italy, Feb 27-28
  • CAOS - Cognition And OntologieS, Bath, UK, Apr 18-21
  • OntoBras - Seminar on Ontology Research in Brazil, Brasilia, Brazil, Aug 28-30
  • VORTE - Vocabularies, Ontologies and Rules for the Enterprise, Québec City, Canada, Oct 10-13
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