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IAOA supported events are for mutual sharing of information of relevance to IAOA members. IAOA support indicates that the event has been evaluated as relevant and appropriate with respect to the aims of the Association thus providing a certain assurance of quality and relevance for members. Supported events are listed here on the Association website and have announcements and other information concerning them circulated to the member list. The IAOA also provides a PR material folder for distribution at each supported event.

To become recognised as an IAOA supported event, see here.

OBML 2012 - Ontologies in Biomedicine and Life Sciences

Ontologies in Biomedicine and Life Sciences (OBML) 2012
September 27-28, BioTec Dresden (Biotechnology Center, Technical University
Dresden), Germany.

The series "Ontologies in Biomedicine and Life Sciences" (OBML) was
initiated by the Working Group for OBML of the German Society for Computer
Science in 2009. The OBML aims to bring together scientists who are working
in this area to exchange ideas and discuss new results, to start
collaborations and to initiate new projects. It is held once annually and
deals with all fundamental aspects of biomedical ontologies as well as
additional hot topics. In 2012, such a topic is the "ontology of

IAOA champions: Robert Hoehndorf (Chair) + Frank Loebe (EC liaison)

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