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4rd World Congress on the Square of Opposition

4rd World Congress on the Square of Opposition
Pontifical Lateran University, Vatican, May 5-9, 2014

The Square : a Central Object for Thought

The square of opposition is a famous theme related to Aristotelian logic dealing with the notions of opposition, negation, quantification and proposition. It has been continuously studied by people interested in logic, philosophy and Aristotle during two thousand years. Even Frege, one of the main founders of modern mathematical logic, uses it.

Some people have proposed to replace the square by a triangle, on the other hand the square has been generalized into more complex geometrical objects: hexagons, octagons and even polyhedra and multi-dimensional objects.

This will be the 4rd world congress organized about the square of opposition after very succesful previous events in Montreux, Switzerland 2007, Corté, Corsica 2010, and Beirut, Lebanon 2012.

Any talk related to the square of opposition is welcome for this interdisciplinary congress gathering top researchers from all over the world (logicians, philosophers, mathematicians, theologists, linguists, semioticians, computer scientists, cognitivists, psychologists, artists).

Deadline to send an abstract is November 1st, 2013

IAOA champion: Jean-Yves Beziau
EC liaison: Oliver Kutz
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