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IAOA supported events are for mutual sharing of information of relevance to IAOA members. IAOA support indicates that the event has been evaluated as relevant and appropriate with respect to the aims of the Association thus providing a certain assurance of quality and relevance for members. Supported events are listed here on the Association website and have announcements and other information concerning them circulated to the member list. The IAOA also provides a PR material folder for distribution at each supported event.

To become recognised as an IAOA supported event, see here.

An "Earth Science Ontology Dialog" mini-series

The "Earth Science Ontology Dialog" mini-series kicked-off on 23 August 2012 with a well attended virtual session on the Ontolog Forum. This mini-series of events are co-organized or supported by members of the EarthCube community, Ontolog community, SOCoP community and the IAOA community. See details at:

This mini-series of virtual panel sessions (dubbed "EarthScienceOntolog") is designed to explore the current status and application of multi-level ontologies towards developing a semantically enabled cyberinfrastructure for the Earth Science Community. In addition, one key mission of the mini-series is to bring together members of both communities (Earth Science and ontology/semantics) into a meaningful dialog. We anticipate that the sharing of requirements and use cases, geo-science problems and issues, ontological engineering architectures and approaches, and prospective tools, will enable collaborative understanding of the challenges and potential value in the application of ontology and semantics in Earth Science.

Five virtual sessions have been planned:
... mark your calendars and join us! ( RSVP to with your name and affiliation, and the date and title of the event.)

IAOA Champion: Leo Obrst (Ontolog; MITRE)
EC Liaison: Peter Yim (Ontolog; CIM3)
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