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SHAPES 1.0 - The Shape of Things

SHAPES 1.0 workshop,
at CONTEXT 2011, September, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Abstracts due: August 15
Full papers due: August 30
Workshop date: September 26/27

Shape, Form, and Structure are some of the most elusive notions within many different disciplines ranging from the natural sciences through engineering to art. Several approaches have been proposed to study the notions of shape, form and structure from different viewpoints, yet a comprehensive formal treatment of these notions is currently lacking and no real interdisciplinary perspective has been put forward.

This workshop will serve as an interdisciplinary platform for the discussion of all topics connected to shape (broadly understood): perspectives from psycho-linguistics, ontology, computer science, mathematics, aesthetics, cognitive science and beyond are welcome to contribute and participate.

We seek to provide a forum to stimulate and facilitate an active exchange on interdisciplinary applications, ideas, approaches, and methods in the area of modelling shape, form, pattern and function. The format of the workshop will combine invited speakers, peer-reviewed full contributions, as well as short position papers and posters, and will allow ample time for open discussions amongst the participants.

IAOA champions: Mehul Bhatt (Co-Organizer) + Oliver Kutz (EC liaison, Co-Organizer)
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