IAOA events are events directly (co-)organised by the Association. They generally include reductions in participation fees for members, limited support for attendance on application, and publication agreements established by the Association (currently IOS press).

The flagship IAOA conference is the
The International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS), held biannually.

Past FOIS events are listed in the
FOIS series website - the FOIS 2014 conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro, September 22-26, 2014.

Other main IAOA events include the
Interdisciplinary Summer Schools on Ontological Analysis and the IAOA Summer Institutes, held in an alternating manner.

The next
IAOA summer school 2014 will be held in Vitória, Brazil, between September 15-19, directly preceding the FOIS conference. The IAOA summer school 2012 was held in Trento, Italy. The last IAOA Summer Institute 2013 was held in Fiesole (Firenze), Italy.

Further events include the
Ontology Summits, the WoMO workshops, as well as the FOMI workshops - links to past and upcoming events can be found in the blog below.

Presentation at the First IAOA General Assembly - 13 May 2010 (Toronto, Canada)

Please find the presentation slides of a talk given by the newly elected IAOA Executive Council, held at the FOIS 2010 conference, here.

First IAOA Executive Council Elections - Apr/May 2010 (virtual event)

The IAOA will elect its first Executive Council, beginning on April 28, 2010. Read all about the process in this Wiki.

Presenting IAOA at the Ontolog Forum - 18 Jun 2009 (virtual event)

In a Virtual Panel Session at the Ontolog Forum on Thursday, 18th June entitled: "Announcing the International Association for Ontology and its Applications", members of the executive council presented their views on the role of the association and the future of ontology. Go here for the minutes, recordings and discussion captured during the meeting.
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