New FOIS logo adopted

Thanks to all those who have been actively involved, the search for a new logo for IAOA's flagship conference series Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS) has come to an end with a ballot held between July 25 and August 06, 2013 - and this is our new FOIS logo (in the 2014 version).

A few details on the ballot. The options were comprised of a set of 10 proposals [1] for which IAOA members could vote in terms of assigning their preferences via a scale from 0 (liked least) to 9 (liked most) for each logo. These ratings were then transformed into pure orderings and the latter were evaluated according to the Schulze method [2]. 36 IAOA members participated in this ballot, where no quorum had to be met. Interestingly, no two voters expressed exactly the same preference ordering. For exactly a quarter of the voters the winning logo H (identifying letters are taken from [1]) has been among their first-ranked items - in a tie with logo C if just the first rankings are considered, whereas C is ranked on the fourth place if all preferences are evaluated.

Special thanks goes to everyone who invested time and effort in providing and discussing logo proposals - including the contributors of the new logo, Gaoussou Camara and Omar Faye. Likewise, many thanks to all voters for expressing their opinions. All of this appreciably supports IAOA as a community.



PS: Apologies for the delayed news.

FOIS logo proposals: IAOA members, please cast your vote!

We greatly thank everyone who has been involved in proposing the final set of 10 (!) candidates for a logo of IAOA's flagship conference series Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS), see this earlier blog entry.

A few minutes ago (Jul 25, 12:00 CEST), the voting period on those logos has started, where IAOA member's can provide scores for each proposal. The ballot closes in 12 days, on Aug 06, 12:00 CEST, results are to be announced within a few days later. More details on the ballot have been distributed by email (accessible to IAOA-members).


@ ALL: Stay tuned for the winning proposal!


** Gentle Reminder: Choose and Propose your FOIS Logo until July 10 **

Dear all,

this is a gentle reminder that we're looking for comments and additional proposals for a new FOIS logo __until tomorrow, Wednesday, July 10__. Available means for comments include this blog, as well as the IAOA internal mailing list.

Since the start of the discussion phase, two new proposals have been added to the original blog post as well as some variants of proposals, please see the previous post .

Many thanks for all contributions,
Frank Loebe

FOIS logo proposals: Request for comments

IAOA is seeking a new logo for its flagship conference, Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS), prior to its next edition in 2014. After a call for proposals to the membership in May 2013, the IAOA Executive Council is presenting the current set of logo proposals below.

Importantly, all proposals are in the stage of conceptual drafts, in particular, there are no up-to-date adaptations to the year 2014. Regarding the overall procedure, over the next two weeks (i.e., until July 10) we are interested in comments and possibly new proposals, before IAOA members will be asked to cast a vote on the set of proposals then available. Thereafter, a professional designer shall further improve the winning proposal and create a state-of-the-art logo out of it.

Logo Proposals

Please have a look at the three proposals below and share your opinion and preferences, propose modifications or even new ideas from scratch. Blog comments offer the widest visibility for that, while comments via email [1,2] or other channels are likewise welcome.

Please comment until July 10, 2013, as the discussion will be evaluated starting from July 11.

Proposal A

Proposal B

Proposal C

Proposal D      [EDIT 2013.06.27]

Proposal E      [EDIT 2013.07.09]

Proposal F      [EDIT 2013.07.09]

Proposal G      [EDIT 2013.07.09]

Proposal H      [EDIT 2013.07.09]

Proposal I      [EDIT 2013.07.09]


Proposal J      [EDIT 2013.07.09] 


Proposal K      [EDIT 2013.08.20] 

Further background on the proposals

Proposal A is the first graphical logo that has been used for FOIS in 2001 and, in modified form, in 2010. Probably obviously, it is inspired by taxonomic hierarchies.

Proposal B is novel and is partitioned into interlocking areas hosting formal ontology and information systems. The colors follow the coloring scheme of the IAOA website.

Proposal C is novel, as well, and embodies metaphors of classification (in terms of distinct pieces) and integration (via interlocking puzzle pieces). Coloring is also inspired by the IAOA website. Space above and below the "ribbon" can be used for adding information, e.g. the year of the respective FOIS, the location, or the conference title in full.

[EDIT 2013.06.27]
Proposal D has newly come up after the initial version of this entry. The structure is reminiscent of Aristotle's square and the color scheme is intended to vary according to the hosting country. As shown here, it includes colors of Brazil.

[EDIT 2013.07.09]
Proposals E-J have newly come up after the initial version of this entry, without further remarks.

[EDIT 2013.08.20]
Proposal K was not voted on in the ballot for the new logo (Jul 25-Aug 06) because it was only submitted after the ballot had startet. Its point is to refer to the part-whole-relation within / in terms of the logo. It has been added here for completeness in the documentation of the process.

We appreciate comments on all aspects of these proposals. Please comment within the blog (publically readable), write to the member's mailing list [1], or write to the Secretary via [2] until July 10, 2013.


[EDIT 2013.07.04]

Variants of Proposals

Fanning the flames of interest, we present variations of the above proposals.

for Proposal A for Proposal B

for Proposal C

for Proposal D

for Proposal F

for Proposal J 

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Virtual Workshop : join today

Semantics in Geospatial and Other Architectures: Design and Implementation
May 7, 2013, starting at 12:30 Eastern Time

The virtual workshop will focus on the design, use, and software development of semantic technology in various types of systems.
The dial-in number is: (US): +1 (206) 402-0100 (long distance)
When prompted enter Conference ID: 141184#
One of the purposes of this workshop is to find examples of how to include semantic technology in systems, such as, geospatial portals, statewide information systems, spatial data infrastructures (e.g., NSDIs), database systems, and cyberinfrastructures. Because the use of semantics in the geospatial area is still relatively new, other domains and applications will also be presented. Semantic technology can encompass ontologies, repositories, mappings, reasoners, and other components as well as linked data. This virtual workshop may lead to a 2 day in-person workshop in the fall.

Endorse the 2013 IAOA Summit Communique!

The 2013 IAOA Ontology Summit is over. 

Thank you to all parties involved and to the organizers for the event. 

The final version of the Communique can be found at

Time of endorsement: !!! Extended to June 15 !!!


psss.... re:publica live now.
About Internet, data on Internet, Internet users, Internet researchers..
check it out!


Please cast your vote - 1st assembly 2013 is being held

Between April 26 and April 30, IAOA is holding its first virtual ordinary assembly in 2013, which mainly comprises two electronic ballots. The 2012 financial statement and the 2013 previsional budget need to be approved by more than half of the Association's members (determined as of April 16) via anonymous voting. Full details are available on the Assembly Wikipage.

All current members are kindly asked to cast their vote, which will just take a few minutes:

Member's Area > Utilities > "2013 Vote for Financial Statement and Previsional Budget".

Notably, only "Yes" votes contribute to achieving the required simple majority for approval, while "Abstain" and "No" do not.

PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE! Your support is needed here - the earlier, the better. THANKS!

Learning what it is - and how to build it

...guess it's the same with building and managing an ontology
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